Jason and the Argonauts


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The Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts, sort of, with a whole lot of action and men in short skirts.

Ok, everyone, raise your hands if you remember the skeletons from when you were little kids watching this movie…yup, I thought so. The story isn’t bad: it’s not too embarrassing, it moves quickly, it’s coherent, the lips mostly match the words…it’s ok.

But the special effects! Sure, by nowadays standards they’re commonplace (although still not too darn bad, actually)…but remember, THEY DIDN’T USE ANY COMPUTERS FOR THIS. It’s too old. All those cool effects were done with cameras, stop motion photography, puppets and a whole bunch of stuff that Harryhausen and his crew invented for this picture, which in its time was as cutting edge for special effects as Star Wars or The Matrix were in their own times.

And you know, they hold up very very well. Sure, you can see Poseidon sucking in his stomach for all he’s worth, and Talos is stiff, but he’s still darn imposing; but the harpies are pretty cool, and the SKELETONS! They’re great!

Todd Armstrong is kind of a honey, although he never really did much of anything else.

This one definitely gets the Otter Seal of Approval for holding up well. Make sure your kids see it, it’s a classic!

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