The Incredibles

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Superheroes become an embarrassment to the American People, and are retired and given new (ordinary) lives under assumed names…until Mr. Incredible is lured out of his boring suburban misery by an offer he can’t refuse.

What a charming movie! As one would expect from Pixar, the animation is just, well, incredible. Even the animated HAIR is beautifully done, and I noticed that there is a seperate credit for the person who did it, not surprising. It looked amazing.

The story was good, and is one of those movies that has lots in it for adults to enjoy as well as for kids…all the members of the family are charming and have their own personalities, even baby Jack.

And the bad guy is so amusing, not to mention the lady who makes the costumes! And one of my favorite things, real grownups in a real relationship with each other. So nice to see ‘old people’ (i.e., over thirty) in love with each other.

A very inventive and funny take on the whole ‘superhero’ thing, go see it even if you don’t have kids with you to help you pretend you’re only there because they made you take them.

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