Jersey Girl

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A story about a widower raising his daughter.

We are HUGE Kevin Smith fans, chez Otter…even saw the short-lived but funny Clerks TV series (and thanks to my dragon-in-law for introducing them!) so we were awaiting this movie with great anticipation…his track record is impressive, what with funny flicks like Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Chasing Amy, one of the most thoughtful movies about sex I’ve seen, and Dogma, a cinematic tour de force…and we were so excited!

Then we saw it. And it’s….nice.

That’s it. Nice. It’s a sweet story, Ben Affleck plays the dad of an adorable girl named Gertie (who for most of the movie is 7 years old, played by Rachel Castro, every bit as cute as Margaret O’Brian in Meet Me In St. Louis) and Liv Tyler (who I think is on the road to becoming a Serious Honey, stay tuned) is a clerk at a video store, and of course they end up dating. George Carlin is stellar as Affleck’s dad/Gertie’s grandpa, great fun to watch.

But still. That’s all there is to it, folks, just a nice little family movie. There are some funny scenes, but it’s not over-the-top, no deep commentary on our times, no controversial thoughts, it’s just…nice.

And that’s not a bad thing…there are many times you just want a feel-good movie that doesn’t make you think and is kinda funny and everything turns out ok with no huge problems in it…this is a good one, if that’s how you feel. Sigh.

Ah well. Maybe Smith wanted to try on nice to see if it fit. Hope he goes back to his iconoclasm, I really miss it.

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