Jurassic Park

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From the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton

One of those guys with more money than sense finds a way to clone dinosaurs’ (and other creatures’) DNA and grows his own…with predictable results.

Oh yes, an Otter Family Favorite. What a great movie! Pretty good science (as can be expected from Crichton, and they didn’t mess with it too much in making it a movie), good actors (Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Serious Honey Jeff Goldblum as (be still my beating heart) a wacky mathematician), and TOTALLY AMAZING AND STUPENDOUS SPECIAL EFFECTS.

Now, Mr. Otter is a complete and total dinosaur freak. He loves them, sends me news clips about whatever new thing has been discovered at least once a week, has multiple books about them, he’s totally hooked. We even took a dinosaur vacation, if you can believe that! (it was way fun except for all the driving…) and of course had to watch this again the night we came home.

Anyway. The point here is that dinosaurs really float Mr. Otter’s boat, so of course when this movie came out he COULDN’T WAIT A MINUTE. He actually had to wait 24 hours, but we did see it the day after it came out. I took the afternoon off, he picked up the tickets a week ahead, we got lunch and sat in line for two hours, it was fun. Reminded me of when we were dating.

Anyway. This movie was SO WORTH all the effort. Like the bar scene in Star Wars, it’s an absolutely perfect movie of its type…you don’t know who’s going to live or die, the suspense is awful, and the dinosaurs are INCREDIBLY believeable.

One of the best things about this, by the way, is that the first time you see the dinosaurs it’s a matte shot…very cool, very convincing, and makes the audience complacent…then when the dinos ACTUALLY INTERACT with the people, it’s mind-blowing.

I remember spending most of the movie clutching Mr. Otter’s arm very tightly, kicking my feet under my seat, and screaming. It was wonderful. Every time you think it’s all over, something else awful happens. It just goes on and on and on…wow.

Sure, it’s a Spielberg movie, so there’s people stepping in dino poop and a lot of gross-out jokes. But it’s not too bad, and the rest of the movie is just so DOGGONE WONDERFUL.

If you don’t have a weak heart, see it. Now. Today. Don’t wait. If you do have a weak heart…well, it might still be worth it. It’s darn good.

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