Kill Bill

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Revenge, plain and simple…or not so simple.

Well. I have to say, we chez otter were MIGHTY disappointed in these two movies.

Now, let me start by assuring you all that we are fans of Quentin “Ain’t I a bad boy?” Tarantino’s oeuvre…we loved Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk Til Dawn, Jackie Brown…we think his filmmaking/directing/writing is mighty fine.

We also like Uma Thurman very very much…beautiful as well as interesting looking (although of course too thin, but who listens to me?), a good actress, and very believeable in action scenes. It was a joy to see David Carradine doing another big movie as well, I always liked him. The rest of the cast were good for their roles…it was fun watching Daryl Hannah being evil.

And the plot wasn’t bad…Mr. Otter was ready to pack it in after the first part, although by the end of it (and especially given the very ending of it) I did want to see where it was going…I mean, it was obvious, but I thought it would be worth the ride.

And there was a WHOLE lot of action, if the over-the-top martial arts stuff floats your boat. I don’t mind a little of it, but this was almost four hours of nearly nonstop action, um…yeah. Well, it was certainly fast and busy, and well choreographed…but truthfully, after a while, it all looks the same.

And the biggest problem with this pair o’ flicks: they reference a style of film that simply does not appeal to either Mr. Otter or myself. Sure, I caught the musical references to Ennio Morricone’s wonderful spaghetti western scores, and there were times when it was obvious that the scene was directly quoting another movie, but overall, we were unimpressed.

Now, it seems to me that referencing other works is perfectly ok and a way to add multiple layers and depth to any movie. But (like sequels) it has to be done in such a way that those who do not know the thing you are so cleverly referring to can still enjoy it without feeling like they’re at a party and they wore the wrong clothes…you don’t want people who are paying major bucks to see your work to feel left out of the fun.

This is a failing of many Stephen King books, several of which are not a part of that doggone Dark Tower series, but then after plowing through a billion pages of furious prose the reader finds out that the big denouement…is about an event that takes place in those other books. Ultimately unsatisfying, and a cheap shot by the creator of the work. </rant>

Well. Anyway. If you like martial arts movies and that kind of thing, you’ll probably like these…we found them to be more like cotton candy, pretty but when we got right down to it, there was not much there.

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