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Giant ape meets girl, giant ape loses girl, giant ape gets girl back.

I did not actually plan to see this movie, it not being a fav of mine.

Oh sure, in my misspent youth, my family would watch whatever was on TV on Sunday afternoons (yes, kids, there was a time before TiVo and even before VCRs, when you just had to watch what the Powers that Were put on TV and live with it). We especially liked horror/monster movies, and this was on A LOT. So I saw the whole thing once or twice, watched parts of it several times, ignored it more times, never really cared that much about it. Silly, really. Giant apes, dinosaurs, whatever.

But I had a day off right before christmas, and I was going to go see some movies, doggone it! and this and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe seemed to be my best choices…especially being able to see them for the matinee price, yay!

And. Well. We saw it. Um. Hm.

I do think it was a good idea for Jackson to do something completely different from his phenomenal Lord of the Rings series, of course…but King Kong? Give me a break. What can there be left to say about this story? What more can you add to the original movie? why remake it?

Because he’s Peter Jackson and he can do any damn fool thing he wants to and everyone in the world will throw money at it, of course. Sigh.

This is not to say that this movie is bad…if you liked the original, you’ll probably like this. The basic plot elements are there: the crazy producer, the beautiful ingenue captured by the giant ape, the ape itself (this time a recognizable silverback gorilla rather than a large generic apelike creature), the Empire State Building, the biplanes, everything.

But it’s the same story. The only real difference (other than this one being in color) is that it’s a huge special effects fest…the whole middle hour of this three hour epic was just a wild ride of special effects, not really necessary to the plot, although fun to watch.

It was also cool to see Jack Black as an Orson Welles-type, Naomi Watts was good, and it was VERY COOL to see Adrien Brody as an action hero, especially playing a writer.

But there was still no reason to make this. See it (on a big screen if you can) if you like special effects, but don’t pay a lot for it, there’s not much else here.

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