Kiss Me, Kate (1953)

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Cole Porter’s musical about…well, about a musical production of the Taming of the Shrew, both onstage and off.

This is one of the BEST MOVIES EVER, and one I have loved since I was a very young otter indeed, watching it for the first time with the Barracuda.

Yes, they cut some great songs, and rewrote some of the plot, and have a cheesy guy actually playing Cole Porter in a very wierd intro scene…but really, overall, it’s wonderful. Great songs, great dancing, a hilarious plot, romance, you name it. Oh, and it was one of those 3d films, that’s kinda fun too.

Ann Miller is a serious honey, and you have to see James Whitmore Jr. and Keenan Wynn singing ‘Brush Up Your Shakespeare’ to believe it.

And Howard Keel. Serious honey Howard Keel singing wonderful songs. The only thing better than Howard Keel…is himself in TIGHTS. with a BEARD. and an EARRING. Whew. Can I watch that part again?

Rent or buy it now, you’ll love it.

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