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From the novel of the same name by Vera Caspary

The AGVAPSNBA* was in session. Our theme? Black and White. Maid-of-Awesome showed up first, and she and I watched Sin City before the Squirrel Lady could arrive, since SL hates violence. This was the next movie picked, and I was very pleased, since it’s a REALLY REALLY FAMOUS CLASSIC MOVIE THAT EVERYONE SHOULD SEE AND I HAD NEVER SEEN IT.

Okay. Got that out of the way.

And you know what? this was really good. Everyone here was good. Gene Tierney was gorgeous. Vincent Price was 33 and a total honey, in the days before he joined the Dark Side. The plot was good, the settings were good, the camerawork was good. The script was good, and kept me guessing like crazy.

This was really good.

And I can’t say any more without giving stuff away, so I won’t. See it, it was good.

*All Girls Video and Pizza Sleepover No Boys Allowed

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