Lawrence of Arabia

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From T. E. Lawrence’s autobiography, Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Lawrence joins the Arabs and their struggle for freedom during WWI.

What can one say about a movie that has had so much said about it already? It’s one of the best ever. Cast, script, cinematography, score, locations, you just can’t beat it.

Now, that’s not to say that it’s completely historically accurate; Lawrence put serious spin on events in the book (which, btw, is a great read), and made no bones about it…and this is a movie that is taken from that book, with a big dollop of idolization thrown in. That aside, and taken on its own merits, it’s an incredible piece of work.

O’Toole was a serious honey at this time, and Omar Sharif was darn cute. Anthony Quinn is amazing, and I love Claude Rains in anything, no matter how bad…nice to see him in something good. Cook up a vat of popcorn and settle down for a great night’s movie watching.

The blu-ray conversion is EXCELLENT. Well worth replacing your old version for the new one.

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