Leningrad Cowboys Go America

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OK, this one is really hard to describe, so take it from me, it’s wonderful and you just HAVE to see it.

A bunch of Russian musicians end up in the US, traveling across country until they reach Mexico to play a gig at a wedding.

But wait! they’re not REALLY Russians, because this movie is made by a well-known Finnish filmmaker, Aki Kaurismaaki…they’re actually a parody of the Russians (this was made in 1989).

But wait! they aren’t just ANY musicians…they’re actually that internationally famous Finnish band, the Leningrad Cowboys!

This is far too silly and charming for words…the guys in the band all do this wonderful retro ‘we’re dorks’ kind of thing, while just blowing you away with their excellent music…they all have wierd hair and shoes, since they’re all related in one way or another, and dress like goofballs most of the time.

And the music! They come to America and in the course of traveling across the country, seeing the East and South and dealing with their evil manager and the wannabe who follows them everywhere…they basically recapitulate the whole history of american blues and rock and roll. It’s absolutely wonderful to watch, and funnier than hell.

This is, sadly, only available on video, but even so it’s worth getting. Don’t miss this, do whatever you have to do (even spend money for it) to see it, you’ll be glad you did. Over and over again.

Mr. Otter says that I should add that the dvd of this wonderful movie is available in Europe (Amazon.co.uk has it, and also some ebay sellers) if you want to get it, as he did for me this last Christmas. (Thanks, Honey!) Just remember that unless you have an ‘all regions’ dvd player, it won’t do you a bit of good to buy it.

Note: it’s a little more available, now you can get it on Amazon in three-DVD sets with Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses and the Total Balalaika Show.

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