Lilo and Stitch

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Animated Disney movie about a girl whose older sister is trying to raise her alone, and the alien that changes their lives.

OK, Ottersis took me to this one, otherwise I probably would have given it a miss…and she was right, it was amusing. Lilo was adorable, the destructive alien Stitch was cute, Ving Rhames was great, the plot was ok, and it was enjoyable. Especially the Elvis songs, which were a lot of the best part of the movie.

And it was nice to see an animated Disney woman who wasn’t anorectically thin; Lilo’s big sister is pretty substantial by today’s standards, and that’s a good thing. We need more movies about normal sized women.

Reality police: There was a major plot point that made absolutely no sense (where Stitch, with one word, convinces the evil aliens to switch sides) but otherwise it was fine, and a lot of fun to watch.


Find a few kids somewhere to bring with you, they’ll love this one.

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