Lonesome Dove

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From the novel of the same name by Larry McMurtry

Well, Mr. Otter and I settled down to watch this, looking for some good undemanding brain candy, opened a couple of beers, didn’t have real high expectations…but we really enjoyed this one.

Tommy Lee Jones (SERIOUS honey) and Robert Duvall take their ranch hands, steal a bunch of cattle and horses, and head up to Montana. Lots of stuff happens, many plot threads are raveled and unraveled, and, in the words of Carl LaFong, “Many people were killed”.

There are really only three female characters, (one of whom is Anjelica Huston, another serious honey), and they don’t get very interesting roles, although they do what they can…but many of the other characters are a little out of the ordinary, and several actors do a fine job, including Chris Cooper, Duvall and Jones, with Danny Glover in there trying, even with not much to do but ride back and forth checking up on what’s out there.

Not bad for a latter-day western, in these PC times; good for a couple of long nights of watching, and plot developments that will keep you hooked.

Penalty for inappropriate behavior: give me a break! they really should have cast Duvall in Jones’ role, and vice versa; it would have been immensely better. Sigh.

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