Love Actually

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A series of stories about you-know-what, taking place around Christmas time.

So this movie came out about two years, maybe three years ago.
And people said, go see it, it’s funny and charming.
But I never found time.
And as is his wont, Mr. Otter said, go see it, it’s got lots of good people in it.
But I never found time.
And then one night Mr. Otter rented it so he could see it again, and he said, you want to watch this with me? I think you’d like it.
But I really didn’t have time.

And then we were ordering a bunch of DVDs and this one was cheap and I knew Mr. Otter loved it so I threw it in the batch.

And not too long after it arrived, I was home sick with the flu and we were going into the back room to watch a movie, and we watched this one.


Written by Richard Curtis.

Now why on earth couldn’t all those people (including Mr. Otter) have told me the one important thing about this movie that I needed to know? Sure, it’s romantic, charming, full of good people…but if it’s written by Richard “Four Weddings and a Funeral, Blackadder, and a host of other EXTREMELY funny British stuff” Curtis…well, all I can say is I would have run, not walked, to the theatres to plunk down my ten bucks to see it.

And of course it was wonderful. Funny, charming, romantic, full of wonderful people like Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson (of course), Serious Honey Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Kiera Knightly, and a whole bunch more. And of course I loved it.

But why didn’t anyone mention this? am I the only person on the planet who loves pretty much everything Richard Curtis has done and will actually go out of my way to see/buy/enjoy/laugh hysterically over it?

Well. Anyway. You get my drift. This is a wonderful movie. Don’t, as a friend of ours did, make the mistake of taking it home to show your parents; not only are there many four letter words in it (“Rank!” her dad pronounced it…) but there is one story that involves a couple who meet when they are body doubles for famous people in a movie where the famous people have to do a long and graphic sex scene, and the doubles go through the motions instead…very funny, but not something you want to be in the same room watching with your parents, trust me.

Rent this, buy it, visit a friend who owns it and hint loudly that you feel like watching something funny, do what you have to do, but see it now! this one is a real winner.

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