Love Me Tonight

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A princess and a commoner fall in love, with predictable results.

We are big fans of musicals chez Otter, you betcha, so this looked like a good choice. Mr. Otter brought it home on a night when I was tired and stressed, thinking it would make me a happy otter once more.

But no.

I don’t know if it was my mood, or this movie, but I really really did not have any patience for it whatsoever. Jeannette MacDonald is a Serious Honey, and was adorable in this, as was a young Myrna Loy as one of the pack o’ women hanging around the castle…but the rest of this movie just did nothing for me.

I suspect that I dislike Maurice Chevalier, since it was the scenes that he was in that made me most nuts…maybe not. Anyway. Silly even by musical standards, no really memorable songs, and the story has been done so much better, so many times.


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