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Animated movie about a bunch of zoo animals who get transported back to the Wild, in a place that (from the title of the flick) we assume is the island of Madagascar…

Well. Hm. On the good side, at least (for once) they got away from the plot line of “someone looking for their kid” or “lost kid looking for parent” that has seemed to be the standard Disney fare (Maid-of-Awesome just pointed out that this is Dreamworks, not Disney. Pretty much the same, I say, but okay.) and of which I was getting pretty tired (even though I did like Finding Nemo a lot).

And the animation, of couse, was pretty darn good. Only to be expected from (insert name of big animation studio) nowadays.

And there were some pretty funny jokes, most of them riffs on pop culture, although this was a pretty late showing and I got tired of the couple in the back of the theatre who thought their jokes were funnier than the movie’s…these kinds of people are known as Harry and Ethel chez Otter, and these were extremely Harry and Ethelish…

It was nice, for once, seeing the ensuing conflict inherant in a single carnivore being buddies with a bunch of herbivores…extremely plump and yummy herbivores…instead of just glossing over the dietary contradictions…

But. There just wasn’t much there there. A bunch of amusing body language, some cute jokes, the penguins were funny, the lemurs more so…but I certainly wouldn’t buy or rent it again, it just wasn’t much of a much.

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