March of the Penguins

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A documentary about a year in the lives of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica.

Okay, here’s an animal I choose NOT to be reincarnated as: walk 70 miles in winter to spawn, walk BACK to eat, repeat several times, go home, do it all next year. In ANTARCTICA. I don’t think so. Ew, and they eat FISH. EW!

This was beautifully filmed, and it was amazing to think that not only did humans manage to shoot all this gorgeous film, but that there were people there during the WINTER because that’s when this film takes place. Oh man, talk about dedicated…

And yet. Interesting, beautiful…but not that far removed from the Disney animal documentaries of my misspent youth…they anthropomorphized less*, and the photography was WAY better, but still…not so different.

Worth seeing, very interesting, well written, and narrated by Serious Honey Morgen Freeman…but still, just another good animal documentary.

*The original, French version had talking penguins…they added all the narration for the English language releases, because they knew that wouldn’t fly, so to speak…

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