Men in Black II


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From the graphic novels by Lowell Cunningham

Tommy Lee Jones. Will Smith. Serious honeys. Back to save the planet from aliens…again.

That said, there isn’t much more to this one…I mean, it has a G RATING, fer cryin’ out loud…my heart sank when I saw that, you better believe it. And when they have to throw in a cute animal sidekick, you know the plot is in trouble. But there were some good jokes, excellent special effects, good explodo.

Reality police: it was kinda sad to see them inflicting Tommy Lee Jones with the Kirk Syndrome: in both MIB movies, he’s lost the love of his life. Sorry, folks, you only get to use that one ONCE if you want it to be believeable.


Wait for this one to come out as a rental, you won’t miss much.

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