The Maltese Falcon

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From the novel of the same name by Dashiell Hammett.

Detective Sam Spade’s partner is killed and he is dragged into murder and intrigue all centering around the statue of a bird.

Dashiell Hammett. I read all his and Chandler’s stuff back in my undergrad days, (mmmmmhmmmph) <hand over mouth> years ago. Loved the stuff, never got back to it. But I’m running a film discussion group at my library, and in November we’re doing a book and movie combination, and this was the one that was chosen.

And dang, it’s a great film. And a great book.

Bogie. Who could be better for Sam Spade? I see on IMDB that there is a version of this same movie, made ten years earlier in 1931…interesting. But of course, this one, the 1941 version, was directed and the screenplay written by John Huston. Need I say more?

Excellent acting, with Mary Astor, Peter Lorre (a young Lorre at that, almost good-looking), Sidney Greenstreet, and a bunch of other people who are pretty recognizable. Fast paced, good settings, good camerawork.

This one is justly famous, if you haven’t seen it, for goodness sakes run to your nearest emporium du dvd and get it! you’ll be glad you did.

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