The Man Who Would Be King

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From a story by Rudyard Kipling (played by Christopher Plummer here)

Two English adventurers set out to conquer a kingdom in the wilds north of Afganistan.

I first saw this movie when it came out, as a young otter of 17. I saw it with one of my best friends…I LOVED this movie, and she totally didn’t get it. I was shocked, to tell you the truth. How can you NOT GET one of the best movies ever made? but I was a young Otter, and have learned since that some people just don’t get the really important stuff in life. Then I went home and read EVERYTHING I COULD FIND by Kipling. What a joy.

I must have seen it 15 or 20 times over the years, and Mr. Otter and I both would put it on our top-ten-of-all-times lists.*

And that doesn’t make it any easier to review…this movie is so much a part of me that I feel like I’m trying to describe my own bones…how can I take it out and look at it, after all this time? but I will try.

And I’ll try not to babble.

First, a list: Sean Connery. Michael Caine. Christopher Plummer. Kipling. John Huston. Doesn’t that all just make your mouth water? any of those names alone would make me interested in a movie, but together? wow.

And the story is great, one of the best of the ‘buddy’ movies. Lots of scenes with Caine and Connery playing to each other, wonderful dialogue, huge sprawling scenery and an excellent plot with action, mystery, and a touch of the supernatural.

And I’m about to start babbling. Truly, take it from me, this is ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER, if you haven’t seen it you should. Are you free tonight? we could pull a couple of cats onto our laps and watch it again, I’m not too busy to see this again…and again…and again…

*One of my faithful movie review fans is Ms. Shoes, whose husband discovered this web site, and who lives in Miami. When I was in Florida in April of 2008, I emailed her and said, I’m driving through Miami, shall we meet? and we did, we and her excellent hubs had a very long lunch together and talked nonstop about books and movies and life and things. It was wonderful.

And on the way out of the restaurant, I said, okay, I have to ask you about one thing. What? she said.

The Man Who Would Be King, I said.

And her eyes got big and she said, Top ten. Definitely.

Thank you, Ms. Shoes. We are indeed sisters under the skin.

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