Million Dollar Baby

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Clint Eastwood reluctantly agrees to train Hilary Swank as a professional boxer.

Dang, this was good. I mean, DANG, it was GOOD! Hilary Swank was brilliant, so totally RIGHT for the character, so completely believeable…and no surprise that Eastwood, in his understated and sometimes almost unintelligible way, was excellent…but EVERYONE in this movie was good. My Golden Love Object, Total Honey Morgan Freeman. Hilary Swank’s lowlife family. The guys at the gym. The other boxers. EVERYONE IN THIS MOVIE WAS GOOD.

The script was good. The music (and it wasn’t really noticable til the end credits, which means that the music and the movie went together very well) was excellent, and written by Eastwood and his son Kyle. The staging was good. The costumes were good.

The only surprising thing about the fact that this movie won Best Picture was that the members of the Academy were actually astute enough to recognize its merits. Wow.

Go see it. It’ll be good on the small screen, but better on the big one. Don’t wait, don’t make excuses, don’t put it off, just go. Now.

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