Miss Morison’s Ghosts

The Internet Movie Database

From the book, An Adventure*, which was originally published anonymously, but in later printings had the ladies’ names added (since after so much publicity, everyone knew who they were anyway).

Two women, one the principal and the other the vice-principal of an Oxford college, visit Paris. At Versailles, they had some rather odd encounters, and what seemed to have happened is that they were somehow transported to or shown Versailles in the late 1700s instead of the early 1900s, including a woman who might have been Marie Antionette.

The movie was interesting; nice to see Wendy Hiller after so many years, still looking good and doing a wonderful job with her character; the interaction between the women was good, and the recreation of their experience was just right, spooky enough to be interesting but not scary enough for them to be alarmed by it until they compared notes later.

My biggest problem with this was that aside from mentioning the book the story came from, the filmmakers didn’t tell us anything about the movie they made from these incidents except that some of it is true…I wanted to know whether what was shown of the lives and relationships of these women was true or fictionalized, and there was no indication…not good. But an interesting flick just the same.

Here’s a web site for those who want to know more about the book, thanks to my friend GATADD for supplying it!

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