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Well. What can you say about a movie about a lowlife female serial killer who was sexually abused as a child, has been a prostitute since she was 13, and finally snaps and starts killing her clients?

Well, that’s pretty much it. In a nutshell. Yes, Charlize Theron did a good job, but she was playing a pretty straightforward character, and I felt no sympathy at all towards her (and, to be fair, I don’t think the movie was trying to engender any…Mr. Otter and I both think that it was more of a ‘wow, a female serial killer, that’s rare, might make an interesting movie’ kind of thing.)

But Christina Ricci. Oh my. As Theron’s very young lesbian girlfriend, torn between wanting to be accepted by her judgemental religious family, and wanting to find love with a person who accepts her for what she is, and getting deeper and deeper into Theron’s crimes, and trying to reconcile all the different conflicting feelings she has…she’s amazing.

This is the reason to go see this movie, to see Ricci’s fine performance. If you can stand two hours of sordid redneck slice-of-life drama, that is…but overall, I thought it was worth it.

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