Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

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Gary Cooper plays a small town kind of guy who inherits 20 million bucks in the middle of the Depression…and doesn’t let it go to his head. Although Jean Arthur sure does…

You know, the more Frank Capra movies I see, the more I like his stuff…this one was great, especially the way everyone kept assuming that Cooper was stupid because he was living in the country, and he kept leading them on and letting them believe that…priceless.

I am pleased to have it confirmed…Jean Arthur is indeed a serious honey, yowza baby! cute as a button, check her out.

So yes, a real winner: a good story, a happy ending and not too heavy handed (although Capra does, like many from his time, have to make his point about rich people and the evil of money misused…hm, sounds like now…) Curl up with some popcorn and enjoy.

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