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From the novel of the same name by Elizabeth von Arnim

Beautiful debutante refuses to admit she’s getting older, as everyone in her life leaves her behind…

Okay, I really really loved this movie as a young otter… I would watch it on TV, and cry and cry and cry over the ending.

Which should tell you all you need to know about it: it’s way, way sentimental…WAY, WAY, WAY sentimental.

But Bette Davis is in her element, stealing all the scenes like a pro. And Serious Honey Claude Rains, nuf sed. The settings, cinematography, supporting actors, all are good…although the music gets a little overbearing at times.

And it’s actually not that bad…there’s some good dialogue, and although it’s long, it moves pretty well…but I have to say, the big denoument sent Mr. Otter (who had never seen it) into shrieks of laughter…it is kind of silly, but so wonderful.

All I can say is, I like this movie. Rent it and see what you think.

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