Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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Jefferson Smith, Average American, is appointed a senator and falls into the plots of evil men…

Wow. Just in terms of casting alone this one is a lulu. Not only Jimmy Stewart and serious honey Jean Arthur, but another serious honey, Claude Rains as the bad guy (very suave, too); Thomas Mitchell, an Otter Family Fav Actor, and a bunch more people from It’s A Wonderful Life as well. Whew! Almost overkill.

Well, another Capra “hurrah for the common man” sort of thing…not at all what I expected, but good. Jimmy was good with the kids, and it was fun to watch. Jean Arthur sure stole the show, though, I have to say…what a pip.

WARNING: seeing a movie about the good old days when we had an actual democracy may cause some people (like Mr. Otter) to become overly morose. Don’t watch it if you’ve been reading the newspapers lately…

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