The Mole People

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Explorers discover an ancient civilization. It’s silly.

Tagline from the 1956 (only) release: …a savage civilization a million years old, raging with blood-lusting fury!

More like wierdly-dressed dorks beating up on mutant beings and pissing off the archaeologists who find them.

This was one of the entries in the 2007 New Year’s Day Videofest, theme: Underground.

This is one of those truly awful 50s films, with a barely coherent plot, bad photography, cheap special effects, awful acting, and…but why go on? The good part was that we actually watched the MST3K version, so Mike and the ‘Bots totally took this puppy apart.

Starring John Agar (warning signal right there) and one of Mr. Hair’s favorite bit players, Alan Napier (astute readers will remember him as Alfred on the Batman TV series). Nobody else you’ve ever heard of is in this, believe me.

MST3K is always worth watching…this one is a dog otherwise, although I remember liking it in my lost youth…but I was a wierd kid…

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