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A bunch of young ballet dancers spend a summer at a prestigious ballet school, hoping to become actual members of the troupe.

The AGVAPSNBA* was in session, and we all brought appropriately girly movies…this was the first one of the evening, and the second (brought by the Squirrel Lady) was Theater of Blood. Very girly indeed!

I’m not a fan of ballet, although Craftygirl loves this movie. We msted it some, but for its type, it was fine. You can pretty much pick out who will make it and who won’t, the male dancers were way prettier than the female, and the lead girl had a vacuous Alicia Silverstone-ish expression.

But for a ballet movie it was fine…if you liked The Turning Point, it’s pretty much like that without the good actors.

All Girls’ Video and Pizza Sleepover, No Boys Allowed (although Spider Jerusalem was around for some of it, but we just declared him an honorary girl…turns out he was skulking around waiting for pizza, and when he found out that it had <gasp! horrors> NO MEAT, he took off for the evening…)

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