Monster House

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The scariest house in the neighborhood…and the kids who go inside.

This had great previews, and I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. Not only a good selection of voice actors (including Otter Family Favorite Steve Buscemi as the old man) but great animation and a lot of imaginative stuff with the house, which is, of course, the scene stealer.

I was also very pleased by the plot twist at the end…what’s really happening is different from what appears to be happening, and lends a nice touch of otherworldliness to the story. It kept reminding me of Big Fish, I guess because of the circus connection. Very well done, very satisfying.

I saw this with my friend Virago, and as we sat down, she said, as we watch this I want you to think about whether or not it’s too scary for a six year old, I’d like to take my niece to see it. Afterwards we looked at each other and said, NUH UH!!!!

Well worth seeing, lots of fun.

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