Moulin Rouge

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A musical love story set at the Moulin Rouge in turn of the century Paris. But so much more than that…

OK, there are a couple of problems here. One is, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? And the second is, how can I describe this amazing movie?

So here goes. Brilliant. Strange. Hilarious and sad. A visual feast. Sometimes maddeningly slow. A whole lot of fun. Full of interesting and amusing references to musicals, film, and pop culture. One of the most thoughtful, wierd, and amusing movies I’ve ever seen.

We heard so many mixed things about this flick that we rented it from Netflix…and then BECAUSE we had heard so many mixed things about it, we left it waiting for two months…and last night we finally watched it.

Truly, I will have to see it two or three more times to take it all in. Mr. Otter thinks, and I agree with him, that the first 20 minutes or so are among the most brilliant in modern American film. After that, it turns into a movie musical love story with overtones of Camille and Phantom of the Opera and other well-known plots, but with enough verve, sparkle, unexpected pop-culture references and great camera work to keep the viewer riveted.

This is definitely one to see and discuss and think about. Will you like it? I have no idea…but it’s worth a try.

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