National Treasure

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Nicholas Cage is solving clues and trying to find a fabled treasure before the bad guys get there.

This is kind of Raiders of the Lost Ark meets The Da Vinci Code, but the lite version, fewer brain cells, fewer calories…but on the other hand, as my friend Virago pointed out, it was made for kids.

And she was right, it’s not even PG 13…so seen in that light, it worked really well, better than many movies that are dumbed down for kids instead of WRITTEN for them (big difference, but I won’t froth at the mouth about it here. Just take it from me, kids aren’t stupid.)

Nicholas Cage has lost Honey status, but he was fun to watch, and his sidekicks made a nice counterpoint to his know-it-all character. And let’s not forget Jon Voigt, Harvey Keitel and (briefly, and I didn’t even recognize him) Christopher Plummer. Not to mention Sean Bean as the EXTREMELY charming bad guy, he may be a honey soon, he is really really good to look at…but I digress. Good cast.

Sure, a lot of the history is bogus, and we were glad Mr. Otter wasn’t there, since he would have muttered to himself all the way through it how wrong everything was. The whole set-up at the National Archives is made up, and the clues are WAY too easy, but all in all, it was a fun ride. Lots of running, chasing, mixing up items, finding clues, figuring them out, etc. Go see it, have a good time.

Reality police: they’re climbing down the extremely old and fragile wooden scaffolding/stairs that’s 200 years old, and has handmade nail heads in all the visible parts…and as two pieces of wood seperate, nearly dumping the girl sidekick to a nasty death, a MODERN FACTORY PRODUCED STEEL NAIL is clearly visible between the pieces of wood. How hard would it have been to edit that out? hmph. And if I noticed one thing, there were probably plenty more…

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