Ninth Gate

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Oh man, what a dog. I actually bought this one, figuring that with a good actor like Depp, and a plot that includes a rare book dealer, I couldn’t go wrong…just goes to show.

Depp is a rare book dealer who gets hired by Frank Langella (used to be a serious honey, now plays faintly menacing characters…but still has a lovely voice) to find the other two copies of a satanic book; one of the three is a fake, but Langella doesn’t know which. Of course, wierd stuff starts happening as soon as Depp walks out of the room with it, and many people are killed. The ending was so completely off the wall that we had to back it up and listen to Roman “Pretentious” Polansky’s commentary track to try to make sense of it…I mean, it was kinda obvious what happened, but not very clear at the same time…but the commentary was no help, it was also not very clear. Anyway, we were left with a profound feeling of “Huh?” mixed with “Is that all?”.

A few good f/x, fires mostly, but not worth sitting through this dog to see.

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