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Big musical set at the end of the pioneer days in Oklahoma Territory. Nearly all the songs people know from musicals come from this one.

This is a live performace of the London/Broadway version that they filmed in London to show on television…now, often these big overblown tv productions of hit broadway shows suck rocks, either in casting or concept or just because the people staging them for tv don’t have a clue what they are doing… Music Man (2003) is a prime example.

But no. This is just wonderful. Everyone who has to sing can sing, they all dance pretty well (with enough real dancers mixed in to make it look good). Hugh Jackman (Curly) and Josefina Gabrielle (Laurey) had great chemistry, and DANG, he can SING!!!

The sets are minimal, very nicely done, and the dance numbers are well choreographed, even the interminable ballet (my least fav part) is well done.

But (and I risk bodily injury from a young friend of mine, but I must stick to my guns here) Hugh Jackman is not a honey. Cute as a box of puppy dogs, built like a brick whatsis, he can sing, dance and act…but he lacks that certain indefinable something that marks the Serious Honey. Ah well. He’s fun to watch and easy on the eye, may he make many more movies and musicals in future.

But be warned…this is over three hours long, three hours well spent, in my estimation, but still. Oh, and the dvd has a great feature, not just chapters so that you can jump to a scene, but you can also jump to the beginning of any of the songs, what a wonderful idea!

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