Operation Petticoat

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It’s 1941. Cary Grant is the captain of a damaged submarine that is trying to make it to a navy yard for repairs, Tony Curtis is his wheeler-dealer lieutenant…and then they take on a load of stranded nurses.

I expected this to be mildly amusing, but you know, it was really funny! many good lines/situations beyond the obvious; Curtis and Grant were good at playing off each other, and at least one of the nurses was allowed to have an actual personality, she turned out to be a mechanic and ended up in the engine room, fixing stuff. You go, girl!

I’m still not sure if either Grant or the young Tony Curtis was a honey; they’re both cute, but don’t quite make it…I’ll have to watch more of their movies, and let you know later.

Otter sez: This one is a whole lot of fun, worth renting when you need a laugh.

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