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From the play by George Bernard Shaw.

Obsessed lingistics professor teaches a lower class flower girl to pass herself off as a lady.

Wow, this was good. I like Leslie Howard (serious honey? dunno (later note: YES)) a lot, and was pleased to see him playing a part like this, a bullying, thoughtless nerd, rather than his usual quiet but nice roles…and Wendy Hiller was amazing. Not having read the play since high school, I’m not sure how closely this follows it…but it’s miles better than My Fair Lady, as much as I like that version.

Wendy Hiller is so much more believeable as a guttersnipe than Audrey Hepburn, I mean really! that woman (Hepburn) could be covered with mud and pigswill and would still look like a diamond…really not a good choice. Whereas Hiller is (not stunningly) beautiful, but was also wonderfully low and grubby in the beginning…much more satisfying changeover.

The actors who played Pickering and Eliza’s father were also excellent, and the camerawork was lovely.

Definitely worth watching, and probably owning as well.

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