The Producers (1968)

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A down-and-out Broadway producer and his accountant hit upon a surefire scheme for getting rich…

This is one of the four funny movies that Mel Brooks did (the others being (Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein and The Twelve Chairs) and don’t bother listing all his other movies, they weren’t funny.

This is low-key but inspired lunacy, with the two producers trying to put together the worst show ever to hit Broadway, and having their schemes go hilariously wrong. Not to mention the song, “Springtime for Hitler and Germany”, a Dr. Demento Classic (for those of us who grew up in Southern California and remember his beginnings on KMET in the early 70s).

Yes, the jokes are crude, lewd and rude…but they’re FUNNY. Zero Mostel plays an awful and unprincipled manipulator, and Gene Wilder (serious honey? maybe.) is the ordinary guy who suddenly finds himself living on the edge, and liking it there.

Rent it, buy it, see it now. Your funny bone will thank you.

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