The Pursuit of Happyness

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Will Smith and his real-life son play a father and son down on their luck.

And the Will Smith-fest continues! Mr. Honeypants (as he is known Chez Otter) plays a guy who can’t make ends meet, and is in debt from a bad business deal. He decides he wants to be a stockbroker and is accepted for an (unpaid) intern program just as his wife (the breadwinner) leaves him with their son and goes back to her hometown. But we’re all pulling for you, Will! We know you can do it!

And of course he does, and that’s not a spoiler, since you know from the start of the movie that he will. No matter what happens or how bad their lives get.

Mr. Otter liked this more than I did; I found the relentlessly “things are getting worse, how can we go on?” thing to be kind of annoying, especially since everyone knows it’s gonna be ok. His son is cute and engaging and acts like a real kid (which he is).

The best thing about this movie for me was the setting…San Francisco in the 1970s. The period details (including Mr. Honeypants’ ridiculous sideburns and moustache) were great, and I love watching movies that take place in areas I know. So watch it for the visuals rather than the story, you won’t miss too much.

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