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A cute little adorable rat wants to become a chef in Paris. Guess what happens? right, it’s Disney…

This review is full of spoilers so if you haven’t seen it and care about not knowing what’s going to happen…you know.

Well, as you know by now, this movie won the Oscar for best animated movie of the year, although since I don’t remember any other animated movies coming out this year (just checked, it was up against Persepolis (which was a wonderful book, don’t know how well it would have translated to a movie) and Surf’s Up (which just sounded stupid))…well, maybe it was a no-brainer.

Anyway. So I got it, and watched it on an evening when Mr. Otter was out of town for the weekend. Unfortunately, the night I watched it was at the end of a long day of emotional turmoil and far too many phone calls about said turmoil, and I had to pause the movie several times and talk to more people…so I may not have been in the proper frame of mind for a light animated comedy.

But it was really, really dumb. I kept wanting to like it. I kept trying to be amused. I kept trying to tell myself that the evil chef wasn’t the exact same animated figure as the costume designer from The Incredibles. The rats were cute, some of the situations were pretty funny, and the ending was pretty good. Oh, and I was right in my guess that the critic was Peter O’Toole, Serious Honey. Can’t miss that voice.

But it just didn’t come together. I liked that the girl had spunk and was succeeding in a man’s world, and several other bits of this movie. I found the whole ‘pulling on the hair to make a puppet of him’ thing to be unbelieveable even in a cartoon, and creepy. Oh, and as far as creepy goes, having a dead chef’s ghost floating around having conversations with Our Hero the Rat was beyond creepy. Even if he was doing it to himself, that is just psychologically wierd and NOT cute and funny at all.

So I guess that I’m in the minority of people, but as far as I’m concerned, this is one cooking experiment that should never have been brought to the table.

Reality police: am I the ONLY PERSON IN THE COUNTRY who noticed that after giving this movie the cutesy name they actually had to put pronounciation guides UNDER the name of the movie so all the people who had no clue how to pronounce “Ratatouille” could do so without making fools of themselves? sheesh.

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