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Hugh Jackman is a broken down robot-boxer coach, on his last legs, when he is forced to take custody of his 11 year old son and ends up on the road with him for one last shot at fame.

I really just had to get out because of the housecleaners, who come for a couple of hours every other Tuesday afternoon; I was home for a week, didn’t really want to GO anywhere, and had nothing else to do…so I thought, what the heck, I’ll walk down to the local movie theater and see this in an actual movie-house setting.

At 4 pm on a Tuesday, that consisted of a gigantic thousand-seat dome theater, me, and one other person. Not bad, actually.

I had seen the trailers for this, and it looked like it would at least be passable, if not actually good…and was I ever wrong!

Because this was ACTUALLY GOOD.

Hugh Jackman is always worth watching. And paired with a cute but mouthy 11 year old kid (think Terminator 2) he held his own pretty well.

The plot was good- not, as often happens in the ‘dad and kid getting together after too many years apart’ too optimistic or perfect, but believeable. The movie ended well, but not unrealistically, and it was a satisfying ending.

And the robots! OMG they were great! I loved the whole robot boxing thing (like Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots but GIGANTIC) and truthfully? I hate organized sports, especially fake sports like professional WWF-style wrestling…but if they had robot fights like this? OMG, I would be putting my money down for tickets so fast!

Very enjoyable! rent it, maybe buy it if you like this kind of thing (or if you’re a Hugh Jackman fan) and you won’t be disappointed.

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