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From the graphic novel of the same name by Warren Ellis

It was the Movie Buddies’ turn to choose a movie, and we were told that this would be the pick. The name rang a bell, and I went into my shelves of unread graphic novels, and sure enough, I owned this one (a very short standalone series.) And it was good…but kind of serious. Hm, I thought, this movie may be a downer…ah well, we love our Movie Buddies and they always pick good stuff for us. I’ll just go with it.

And the night (and the Movie Buddies) arrived. And pizza was ordered. And we watched this movie…which I LOVED.

It’s basically the same plot as the book, but rewritten. It’s full of humor, and Old People Kicking Ass, a genre I love, especially as I…um…<euphemism>gain wisdom</euphemism>.

But seriously, this movie is full of great people- Bruce Willis, Serious Honey Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and more. It’s funny, charming, got great action and explodo, and good screenwriting. Not to mention the special effects, which are excellent.

If you’re looking for a fun explodo to settle down with, especially with buddies, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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