Reign of Fire

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This review contains SPOILERS.

This one was an interesting mix of dragons plus post-nuclear holocaust, which seems like the best of both worlds; for an explodo, it wasn’t bad- the acting was ok, the plot was pretty good (given the initial appearance of the dragons to jump start it) and the special effects were EXCELLENT.

The action takes place in England, and Mr. Otter and I both had problems with people running and shouting to each other in thick British accents of various kinds…we couldn’t make out half of what they were shouting, although normal speaking was fine.

Sigh. Matthew “Mr. Dimples” McConaughey used to be a honey, but I dunno, he just hasn’t had the pizzazz in the last few movies I’ve seen him in…the jury is still out on this one, I’ll let you know.

Reality Police: So the Americans show up with tanks and a helicopter in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE in England, at least 10 years after civilization as we know it has been wiped out. Where are they getting fuel? Even if gas could be stored for longer than a few weeks without going bad, there is no way they could be finding enough for that many machines away from a major industrial area…and I sure didn’t see a Shell truck following them around…

A good ‘afternoon at the movies’ flick, don’t spend too much money on it.

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