Road to Perdition

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Tom Hanks is a small-town gangster out to avenge the killing of his family.

This movie was so good on so many levels…good action, a riveting, edge-of-your-seat plot, bad guys you love to hate, a wonderful father and son relationship, and the dog doesn’t get killed. (I put that in for Mr. Otter, since that’s very important to him in any movie).

All the main characters are excellent, including serious honey Jude Law…amazing that they could make such a totally gorgeous guy look so scruffy and awful. And of course, Paul Newman, another serious honey, yes indeedy!

And the camerawork. Wow. And the SCORE, which is usually the kiss of death if you notice it…but this score is meant to be noticed at some points, and adds to the film instead of distracting from it.

And what would we do without Tom Hanks? Even when he falls on his face (Castaway, for instance) at least he’s trying new things, and different kinds of movies and roles. May he go on forever…our moviegoing lives would be poorer without him.

This is one of the best movies of the year, and I can say that with confidence, even though the year’s barely half over and The Two Towers isn’t out yet…go see this one, your brain will thank you for giving it something to think about for several days.

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