The Real Glory

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From the novel of the same name by Charles L. Clifford

In 1906, the American Army started to pull out of the Philippines, leaving the people of islands vulnerable to the Morros, who were basically big-time pirates; a few men took it upon themselves to train (and encourage) the Filipinos to defend themselves.

We were having our traditional New Year’s Day Videofest, and this year’s theme was 1939; this one was one of Mr. Otter’s picks. I was dubious, never having heard of it, but as soon as I found out that Serious Honey David Niven and Almost Honey Gary Cooper were in it, I got considerably more interested…it’s actually pretty good.

There’s quite a bit of action, an exotic locale, a good, fast moving plot, and some serious honeys to look at when things get slow…as well as the final assault on the stockade, very exciting!

Pretty good for a 30s historical, worth watching.

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