The Recruit

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Nice young man is recruited for the CIA by Al Pacino…but what’s REALLY going on?

Sigh. OK, here’s how NOT to make an exciting adventure movie

  1. Have the mysterious guy keep telling the naive young trainee not to trust anyone. Who’s the obvious person to head the list? yup.
  2. Try to build suspense with a relationship between two people that are spying on each other. Been there, done that. And no chemistry between these two either.
  3. Put Al Pacino in it. I mean, you KNOW he’s gonna die by the end, right? no surprises there.
  4. Make the major plot point something so unbelieveable that the audience really doesn’t care if the bad guys succeed in getting the code because IT COULDN’T POSSIBLY WORK ANYWAY*.
  5. Use a lot of technojargon to disguise the fact that the actors don’t know what they’re talking about
  6. Pretty much encapsulate the whole movie, inc. major plot points, in the TRAILER, hell-OOO, I knew going into this thing exactly what was going to happen.

So anyway, I went because I knew The Beck, a real Pacino fan, would want to see this right away…and all I can say is, thank god for free movie tix, at least I didn’t spend my own money on it.

And WHAT is with Pacino’s hair? He should have won the William Shatner award for worst toupe (pronounced toop chez otter, btw, just because we like to). And if, as The Beck thinks, that’s his REAL HAIR, well, all I can say is that he makes PLENTY of money, he can start putting it where it ought to go and get a real hair stylist. Sheesh.






*OK, since you really want to know…

Reality Police: the CIA has a program that will somehow allow a computer to send a virus (I’m not making this up) through an electrical outlet, therefore allowing it to reach all the computers in the US…if the Bad Guys get it, they’ll use it and completely destroy our GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM. You just had to scroll down, didn’t you? Aren’t you sorry you peeked?

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