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Serious Honey Nelson Eddy is a Canadian Mountie, and Jeanette MacDonald is the girl with a secret.

We love Nelson and Jeanette movies, and in fact one of the best of Mr. Otter’s birthdays was the one we spent on the couch with The Barracuda, wrapped in a warm blanket, watching them all day long.

This is one of the better ones- good songs, humor, Nelson in a mountie suit, and Jimmy Stewart as a bad guy, what a great role for him.

Unfortunately, these movies are only available from Brazil (!) so we have to watch for them to end up on Amazon Marketplace and pay through the nose for them. We have them on video, but most of them are just about worn out.

Anyway. Rent this, fly to Brazil for it, do what you have to do…it’s a good one.

Addendum: They are available on dvd, if you look. We got all the Nelson and Jeannette movies from some Australian distributor shipping from the US.

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