Sabrina (1954)


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From the play Sabrina Fair by Samuel L. Taylor

Mr. Otter hates this movie. Oh, how Mr. Otter hates this movie! He shudders, he whines, he froths at the mouth whenever I mention it. He screws up his face and bares his teeth in pain. He really, really hates this movie.

And I say, Too bad! I love Sabrina. I love it a lot. I love the cast: Serious Honey Humphrey Bogart, gorgeous and elfin Audrey Hepburn and (the usually annoying) William Holden, who is just fine in this.

I love the whole ‘chauffeur’s daughter goes to Paris and comes back a knockout grownup dish’ thing. I love the ‘she’s in love with him and he doesn’t know she’s alive and then she comes back and he notices her and she finds out what a jerk he is’ thing. I especially love the ‘boring older brother who never has time for anything but work who has to charm the chauffeur’s daughter away from his ne’er do well younger brother and ends up falling in love’ thing.

I really, really love this movie. Romantic, funny, charming. I even love the modern remake with Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear, which I’m going to watch again soon. (added note: watched it and hated it this time, here’s the review) This story is a winner, this is a lovely version, it’s great to see Bogie not being a tough guy or a private dick, and you should just go get it and watch it. May I join you? I’d love to see it again…

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