San Francisco


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A great story ending up with a 20 minute recreation of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, what’s not to like?

Clark Gable is a saloon owner in San Francisco’s Barbary Coast, and his best friend, Spencer Tracy is (of course) a priest. When total babe honey Jeannette MacDonald shows up needing a job, things get interesting…

The story is not bad, a triangle between Gable, MacDonald and the owner of a rival place who offers MacDonald a place at the local opera house…and of course ol’ Spence is there to make sure her soul stays safe. A few good songs, some good plot twists…and the earthquake.

They lead up to it so much that Mr. Otter and I were looking at each other about every five minutes and quoting Lemony Snicket: Dramatic Irony (in deep portentous voices). But for the time (1936) it really is a good depiction of the earthquake, and although they didn’t get into the really juicy details about why there was no water in the hydrants (corruption, many of them were fake) it was still very well done.

Oh, and at one point Jeannette “I’m a honey and I can sing” MacDonald mentions that she worked in the library in her home town before leaving to make her fortune in San Francisco…which, in the time this was made (as well as the time it’s set in) would make her a LIBRARIAN. You go, girl!

Anyway. Worth seeing, even if you haven’t been there.

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