Second Chorus


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Two trumpet players (Fred Astaire and Burgess Meredith) compete for places in Artie Shaw’s band, as well as for Paulette Goddard.

True suckeroo. This one was so bad that Mr. Otter and I were trying desperately to amuse ourselves by making the L for Loser sign on our foreheads with thumb and index finger extended every time Astaire or Meredith did something stupid. That palled pretty quickly, and then the whining started. But I made Mr. Otter stick around for every tedious minute of it, because I wasn’t going to suffer through it alone.

And am I the only person who finds Burgess Meredith a little scary? He always looks like he’s about to have a psychotic break in the next 10 seconds…really out there.

Totally ludicrous to cast the talented Fred Astaire as a trumpet player (yes, he danced a couple of times, but his fake trumpeting was pathetic, as was Burgess Meredith’s). The plot twists were insipid, the other actors wooden, it was really, really sad.

Run away screaming if you see someone walking toward the dvd player with this puppy in his hand…

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