Seven Beauties


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Hm. Well. Um. I saw this movie over twenty years ago, when it was pretty new, and I was in love with Giancarlo Giannini all summer long; he was very much like the Roberto Begnini of the late seventies, except better looking…very funny guy, great character actor…but some of the stuff he made with Lina Wertmuller was a bit odd, to say the least.

Truthfully, I remembered this as being much funnier than it turned out to be…it’s a rather dark story about a Mafia wannabe who ends up getting nailed for killing a guy (ineptly, this WAS funny), is sent to a mental institution, then gets out by joining the army and ends up in a concentration camp, with some fairly horrific imagery.

Giannini is excellent as a guy who lives for his power over/relationships with/need for women, who is only trying to survive and finds out that the price he pays is too high…but although good, it’s not a great movie.

And it’s nice to find that he’s just as gorgeous as I remembered him being…

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