Shall We Dance?


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Fred and Ginger strut their stuff again. The running gag here is that everyone else thinks they’re married, but she thinks he’s so annoying that he has to convince her to marry him and then not divorce him.

Overall, this is one of their best. The plot is silly but fun, they are in fine form, there are some of the best songs and dance numbers ever, the setting of a lot of the movie on an ocean liner lends itself to more variety in sets and dance numbers, very nice. And Edward Everett Horton and Eric Blore are both in this, an excellent added bonus.

And then we get to the last ten minutes of the movie, when the writers obviously said, “We have no idea what to do here” and started taking massive amounts of mind-altering drugs before finishing it off…in the last number, Fred is dancing with one group of women in (I am not joking) white frilly tutus and black T-shirt/leotards, not a very good combination, and the other bunch of women he is dancing with are all wearing (really, not joking) Ginger Rogers masks…it was completely surreal.

But, as these movies go, this was overall a really, really good one. I hereby promote Fred Astaire to the rank of Serious Honey…and I can’t wait to get to another Fred and Ginger movie!

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