Shaun of the Dead


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A parody of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and other movies in the same genre. Shaun and his friends fight off the hideous zombies and try to survive.

This was great. I have actually seen Dawn of the Dead when The Dog Master fed me a lot of beer and then said I should see it, it wouldn’t be oogie at all…and of course I agreed. And he was right.

So The Beckster and I, having heard that this was funny, decided to rent it from Netflix so we could easily turn it off if it got too oogie, and so the plan was made. I had worked my cute little otter butt off packing and moving boxes of books all that day, and the Beckster brought over a WHOLE PILE of deep fried crap (my favorite food group) for dinner, and we settled down to watch it.

It started off a little slow, getting to know Shaun (a total wussie) and his buddies…but as soon as the zombie presence became known, it got funnier and funnier. And as in Kill Bill, it was obvious that almost every scene was riffing on one of these movies, and we were missing the references because we hadn’t seen them.

But the nice thing was, unlike Kill Bill, you didn’t have to have seen all this stuff to enjoy the movie…it was a good movie on its own. And we laughed very hard, and enjoyed it very much.

Not for those who don’t like blood and body parts flying everywhere, the special effects are pretty gross (many EWs were heard) but they were really cool. Rent it, watch it and laugh.

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